Sunday, July 1, 2012

of Cannon and Fireworks

C and I are looking forward to our first 4th of July in Boston, as this place does Independence Day bigger than most other places in the country (save perhaps Washington DC).  The action takes place along the Charles river just a mile or so from Boston's North Church where the signal was given that the British were coming and Paul Revere set out across the Charles to begin his famous midnight ride (until he was finally apprehended by the British a half-mile from my office).

The Boston Pops gives a free outdoor performance the night of the 4th, culminating in a full-blown performance of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture.  Apparently all the church bells in Boston are rung while the US Navy choir sings and the Howitzer cannon fire over the Charles.

This year, we're hoping to see the show with our buddy PomoProphet who is in from California this week.  He is busy all week working with a summer program for high school students, so we're not sure we'll get to meet up with him.  If not, look for me and C on kayaks on the Charles--the best vantage point for watching both the Pops performance and the fireworks.

Happy birthday, America.

Sacred Institution

Rob Me Blind

Wow.   Shy, adorable and brimming with romantic tension.

Yeah, I totally just wishlisted this single on iTunes.