Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Home

We finally got around to taking photos of our new digs, and we thought it would share them with the world. My apologies that some of the photos look a bit washed out or blurry; we just used the camera on my phone :-/

If you need a quick reminder, here's what the outside of our home looks like. Okay, now for the inside.

The view into our dining and living rooms from the kitchen:

The living room/Joe's "study" :-) :

Our bedroom (and yes, the bed usually is made... but there are usually clothes on the floor :-P) :

C's study/office (eat your heart out, IKEA):

The kitchen:


Pomoprophet said...

oohh! Love to exposed brick. I have always liked lofts and the Ikea look. But alas I am engaged to a man who loves the rustic style. Your house is so neat and tidy and then theres a kitchen pic... BAM! Ya'll must spend alot of time in there!

Where do guests stay? :)

Joe Moderate said...

Yah, we spend a ton of time in the kitchen :-)

We've only had one houseguest so far, and he stayed on the air mattress in the study. But if a ton of people want to come over, I think two can sleep on the couch :-)

D.J. Free! said...


Heath Fields said...

LOVE. Hope to see it in person sometime soon!

Amanda said...

I have the same bookshelves! Love your place, it looks just like you guys.