Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Say Anything

My buddy DJ posted a link on his Facebook today to this sweet video of a recent wedding in Minnesota (warning: 15 minutes long; I cleaned up the kitchen while letting it play on my laptop).

Then I made the possible mistake of skimming through the 100+ comment war that follows the video.

Sigh. It reminded me of the zillions of books I've read on this topic, the zillions of conversations I've had on this topic, the zillions of conferences/seminars/sermons I've attended on this topic, and the one conclusion I have drawn from it:

You can make the Bible say absolutely anything.

All that seems to matter is how many people agree with your hermeneutic (or how powerful the people are who agree with your hermeneutic) at a given time.

Referring to "what the Bible says" will never solve a single argument.


Breten said...

Hmmm, simply stating "what the bible says" doesn't change anyones mind just like that, but the conversations are important. After how many years of watching thousands of people debate back and forth on this stuff I definitely believe relationships with real people are by far the most effective agent on changing peoples minds, but being exposed to the ideas and beliefs about scripture on both sides is really important too. And often lines of argument that didnt make sense the first thousand times you hear them begin to worm their way into your consciousness the more you are challenged by data that doesn't fit your preconceived notions.

As someone who has spent two decades teaching jr highs sunday school, I know the value of continuing to speak even when you are pretty sure none of it is getting through....because sometimes years later you are surprised how much sunk in behind the scenes.

D.J. Free! said...

Dude. NEVER read the comments!!