Sunday, November 20, 2011

Adorable Follow-Up to a Frustrating Story

To my husband's occasional chagrin, I am a politics junkie. I've been DVR'ing the Republican presidential debates (and holy crap there have been a lot of them lately) and watching them when we've had downtime.

If you were watching during the FoxNews/Google debate back in September, you might have seen a video question sent from army captain Stephen Hill who was serving in Iraq. Captain Hill (who has amazing arms, if you hadn't noticed) explained that he is gay and asked the candidates if they intended to circumvent the recent repeal of the military's "don't ask don't tell" policy. Hill's question made national news when several members of the Republican audience loudly booed him.

The Associated Press recently interviewed Hill and two days ago ran an article about him. I enjoyed learning about his life with his husband, Joshua Snyder, in Ohio. The couple were married in May of this year in Washington DC, and they selected the location for their vows to be the gravesite of Leonard Matlovich, a gay veteran with an immaculate service record who became the first gay serviceman to challenge the military ban. Hill and Snyder shared stories with the AP of how they had struggled under DADT to keep their relationship secret, saying goodbye before Hill's deployments while hiding under airport escalators, hiding Snyder's photograph when army buddies were coming over to play video games, and introducing Snyder as his roommate or brother--things they no longer have to endure since the repeal of DADT... and since Hill came out to the country on national television.

But my favorite part of the article is the pictures :-) I'm a total sap when it comes to relationships--gay or straight. And these guys have some particularly adorable photos together.

Congratulations to Steve and Josh on their recent marriage, and a big thanks to Captain Hill for coming out and posing his question during the Republican presidential debate.

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