Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boston, Baby!

My apologies for suspense, but I wanted to wait until I had given notice at work before posting this news online: we're moving to Boston! ...or the Northwest suburbs of Boston, to be more precise.

C has accepted a tenure-track engineering faculty position at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (in Lowell, obviously) and I have accepted a control systems engineering position at MIT Lincoln Laboratory (in Lexington).

UMass Lowell Engineering

MIT Lincoln Lab

Today I gave my two weeks' notice at work. It actually went over miraculously well with my boss. I explained to him how staying with Cat wasn't really an option for us, as Cat's policy is to withhold medical benefits from married or civilly united spouses of gay employees. My manager astonished me by telling me how my decision made sense to him and that he would likely do something similar if he were in my situation. He went on to say that I would be leaving with a high rating, and he would welcome me back if I were to ever return to Cat. He said he was glad I was willing to continue working two more weeks, and would welcome me staying "as long as I would like".

Unfortunately I can't stay much longer. UMass Lowell begins fall classes September 1, so we are operating on an aggressive schedule between now and the end of August. This weekend we will travel to Iowa City to visit C's family for the last time before leaving the Midwest. Next weekend we're flying to Boston for an apartment-hunting trip. The following weekend we will visit with my extended family in Chicago for the last time before leaving the Midwest and will have a going-away party with our friends in Peoria. Then we pick up the UHaul and the movers arrive that Tuesday...

...and 3 or 4 days later, we should be pulling up to our new place in Lowell. or Billerica. or wherever we wind up landing. Then we'll have about a week to unpack, buy a second car, and get C's office and lab squared away at the University before the students arrive. Yoiks! I'm glad I have a little more time before my start date (September 12).

So excited, though. For the past three years our dream has been to live under the same roof... and at long last it is coming to pass :-)


Pomoprophet said...

Too cool! It took awhile but its all working out. SO happy for you both! And what a great place to live!

Pomoprophet said...
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Amanda said...

I cannot tell you how happy I am for both of you. Congratulations and best wishes on finally getting to live together. Sounds like I'm gonna have to find a way to get to Boston someday. *hugs* ...oh, and what an awesome way to leave Cat - yay for being able to speak your mind and be heard!

D.J. Free! said...

WOOHOO!! It's been FOREVER in coming, and I'm SO FREAKIN' EXCITED for you two!!! :D

You'll just miss us by a couple of days in New England (we're coming back next Wednesday) :(

Charity said...

So exciting! You are finally moving in together. I always tell people that some people like to live together before they get married in order to test the waters but my spouse and I decided to test the marriage waters before moving in together!

Its great fun to finally be together with your SO. I just wish Seattle and Boston were closer together.