Monday, June 27, 2011

The Colors I Have Lived In

Please ignore the grammatical travesty that is this post's title and instead focus your attention on this interesting graph from Jim Burroway:

  • I was born and lived 21 years in the red region.
  • I moved into the white region just before the red region vanished entirely.
  • In 2008, C and I made our vows before God in a religious marriage held in the white region.
  • In 2009, C and I made a trip into the green region to get legally married, but returned to live and work in the white region.
  • Just this month, our portion of the white region turned blue :-)
  • By the end of the year, we hope to both be living in the green region.
In what color(s) have you lived?

Hat tip: Box Turtle Bulletin


Brandon said...

This is very interesting. Still in the white, but I suppose that's better than red.

Amanda said...

based on this map:,0,5111111.htmlstory

...I went from mostly red to maroon. And I figure I will need to move before those colors will change to the greener side. sad.

I'm pretty sure Texas will secede before going green.

...but yeah - with that graph, went from red to white, at least. Thank goodness for that.