Monday, January 3, 2011

Cool Blog

Check out this cool blog I recently discovered. "Just a Dude" was born in the Middle East and grew up in California. He is a Coptic (Egyptian orthodox) Christian. And he happens to be gay.

Reading the entries in this blog has been interesting on two fronts: For one, Just a Dude and I seem to have had similar journeys of faith, including spending several years in reorientation ministries; for two, the blog he writes about being gay and Coptic appears to be the first of its kind. The blog is causing something of a stir in the online Coptic community and the response of Copts around the world ranges from concurrence and support to shock and rejection to downright silliness ("I haven't read the blog and don't intend to [but brace for my completely uninformed conclusions about it]" LOL).

It seems that some in the Coptic community are just now coming to realization that among their fellow church members are gay folks. Props, Just a Dude!

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