Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Just Fairness, Y'all. That's All.

At 1:50pm yesterday, the Illinois Senate concurred with the House and approved the civil unions bill. I am proud to say that the effort in the Senate was led by my own representative, Peoria Senator David Koehler. C and I will probably be seeing Senator Koehler this Saturday at a downstate Illinois LGBT scholarship fundraiser breakfast we are attending; I imagine the room is going to give him a standing ovation :-)

Here is a fun clip from one of the speeches given on the floor of the Senate yesterday. This is Ricky Hendon, one of the Senators for Chicago's West side, whose rose to counter some of the anti-civil union speeches given yesterday by opponents of the bill.

I hate the hypocrisy! Aren't you sick of the hypocrisy by now? When I sit here and hear adulterers and men cheating on their wives and down-low brothers saying they gonna vote against this bill it turns my stomach! The hypocrisy dripping in this chamber right now! We know what you do at night! [applause, cheering] And you know too.

So let's not play the games. At least tell the truth. You know I'm a Christian. You might not believe it, but I'm a Baptist, saved and sanctified, dipped in the holy water when I was 12 years old. I'm a go to heaven when I die. But I'm gonna vote for this bill. [laughter] It ain't gonna send me to hell, and it ain't gonna send you either...

Don't be a hypocrite... We should pass this bill. We should do it now and get it over with. It's not gonna destroy America. It's not gonna destroy our great state.

It's just fairness, y'all. That's all.

hat tip: Joe.My.God.

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