Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Encouraging News from Paul Cameron

Five years ago I ordered a pamphlet titled "Medical Consequences of what Homosexuals Do" from Paul Cameron's "Family" "Research" "Institute" in an effort to find the source of a bizarre statistic I had been told in Exodus: that most lesbian and gay Americans die before their mid-40s. The statistic appears in the pamphlet, but an examination of the tortured logic Cameron used to compute it reveals it to be utter hogwash.

However, ever since that $5 pamphlet order, I have been on Paul Cameron's mailing list and have received his occasional newsletters.

I have observed a trend in his newsletters over time: a steadily growing sense of desperation for donations. This desperation has become very strong in recent months.

Here is an excerpt from Cameron's latest newsletter, which arrived yesterday:
FRI needs your help--really, really badly. Times are very tough and we at FRI are having great difficulty meeting our expenses. If you will send a donation of $25 of more, we'll send you a copy of my 1978 article.

Please. I know the economy is bad, but I assure you, times are even tougher at FRI. Could you, would you, please help? [underlines in original]
This is good news. What great news it will be the day FRI closes its doors and the misinformation of Paul Cameron is finally silenced.

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