Monday, February 1, 2010

The Quest for the Most Awesome Workout Playlist

So it's past 8 on a work night. I have a little less than an hour of free time left in my day. Tomorrow is the day of the Illinois primary election; I probably should be online looking up candidates for obscure offices like County Coroner (they really have Republican and Democratic candidates for this?) or trying to figure out why Illinois has both a state Treasurer and a state Comptroller and what the difference is (totally baffled).

But no. Tonight there is a higher calling. Tonight is the night of [fanfare] The Quest for the Most Awesome Workout Playlist Ever.

One of the fitness blogs I follow recently posted its "definitive workout playlist." It has inspired me to do the same (although I hesitate to call what follows "definitive" by any stretch of the imagination--it's definitely a work in progress). BTW, just a disclaimer if you follow the link: I don't particularly like the guy's taste in workout music. I'd rate his list about a 4; he's way more into rock than I am.

Me? I prefer hip-hop, R&B, electronica, and the occasional loud, angsty white anthem (like "Uprising" by Muse, see video below). Basically anything with a driving beat that I can use to keep my heartrate up and my mind focused on the task at hand.

Okay, enough preamble. Here are some of my current favorites:

  • 3OH!3 "Don't trust me"
  • Asher Roth "I love college"
  • Beck "Diamond dogs"
  • Black Eyed Peas "Let's get it started"
  • Blu Cantrell "Swingin"
  • Bono, Gavin Friday, & Maruice Seezer "Children of the revolution"
  • Danzel, "Don't leave me with the light on"
  • Darude, "My game"
  • Eminem "Lose yourself"
  • Eminem "Till I collapse"
  • Enur "Calabria 2008"
  • Evanescence "Bring me to life"
  • Evanescence "Going under"
  • Fatboy Slim "Because we can"
  • Fatboy Slim "Right here, right now"
  • Finger Eleven "Paralyzer"
  • Geri Halliwell "It's raining men"
  • Glee "It's my life/Confessions part II"
  • Jazmine Sullivan "Bust your windows"
  • Justin Timberlake "Cry me a river"
  • Justin Timberlake "Lovestoned"
  • Kanye West "Stronger"
  • Katy Perry "I kissed a girl"
  • Lady Gaga "Poker face"
  • Linkin Park "Hit the floor"
  • Linkin Park "In the end"
  • Linkin Park & Jay Z "Numb/Encore"
  • Marc Anthony "I need to know"
  • Mary J. Blige "Family affair"
  • Maroon 5 "Shiver"
  • M.I.A. "Paper planes"
  • Muse "Uprising"
  • Nelly Furtado "Say it right"
  • P!nk "Cuz I can"
  • P!nk "So what"
  • Rihanna "Disturbia"
  • Rob Thomas "Lonely no more"
  • Sisqo "Thong song"
  • Studio All-Stars "American boy"
  • The Pussycat Dolls "Don't cha"
  • The Veronicas "Hook me up"
  • TI & Justin Timberlake "Dead and gone"
  • Timbaland & Justin Timberlake "Give it to me"
  • Timbaland & Justin Timberlake "Carry out"
  • Toby Mac "Gone"
  • US3 "Cantaloop"
  • Workout DJ's "Closer (workout remix")
  • Yellowcard "Only one"

I'm always looking for new stuff to complete the Most Awesome Workout Playlist ever. You guys have any suggestions? What's on your iPod when you hit the gym?

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Steve 2.0 said...

Good call on Paper Planes...although every time I listen to that song I can't help but make the shotgun motion with my arms and then pull the arm of an invisible register for the money.