Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to Respond

Speaking of uncomfortable initial coming out conversations...

~10am today: a elderly widow from my parent's church friends me on Facebook
~3pm today: I accept the friend request
~5pm today (presumably after reading my profile, which includes a great photo of me and C together and our status as married): widow sends me the following message on Facebook:
(no subject)

[Joe], I will always love you, but it will have to be from a distance now. Take care of yourself and please, please pray for clear direction for your life.
How would you respond? How should I?


Breten said...

I would go with:

"Thank-you. I will and I would ask the same of you."

Pomoprophet said...

Brenten is much nicer than I. But he always has been ;)

I would respond with "unfriend"

and not waste any more of my time.

Jarred said...

My response?

"There is no such thing as loving someone from a distance. Loving someone requires being a part of their lives. I'm sorry you've chosen to choose a false abstraction over legitimate love."

D.J. Free! said...

Personally, I found her response to be ambiguous, which leads me to believe that she's either bashful or downright dastardly.

I would have her at least explain what she means by those words, and why she feels that way. But in the process, I'd make it clear that she should either be up for having an actual conversation (i.e., give and take), or you all should just agree to let it rest.

Lastly, you should tell her that old people shouldn't be on facebook in the first place.

Jonathan D. Coppadge said...

If you feel this warrants the effort of a response, I would keep it short:

Dear friend,

I'm sorry you feel the need to keep your distance, as Jesus kept himself distant from none of the people he loved. I will continue to pray for direction in my life; you do the same.

(Of course, you may actually appreciate the distance she imposes. Sometimes I find I don't have the energy to really engage these peripheral people.)

Good luck. I for one am tired of this shit.