Monday, November 9, 2009

The 11/3 Project

Jon Stewart channels Glenn Beck: friggin hilarious.

"That's it man, finger his hole!"

I think I need to start a habit of blogging ever stupid thing that people yell at me and my husband in public. The phrase in the title of this post was yelled at us Friday night in Champaign, Illinois as we walked from the car to C's apartment, each of us with an arm around the other.

Other jewels we've had shouted at us:
  • "You're gay! Hey! You're GAY!"

  • "Keep that shit behind closed doors, fucking faggots!"

  • "FAGGOTS!"

  • "Oh my god! Did you see them? They were holding hands!"

  • "[unintelligible] ...sodom... [unintelligible]"
I remember the first couple of times we were yelled at, I felt kinda scared and concerned. Not any more. Now we just laugh. On one occasion (the "Gay! Hey! You're GAY!" occasion), we've responded (C turned to the yeller and calmly responded "yes. yes we are"). But the one from Friday night was so over-the-top hyperbolic that we kept mentioning it to the other throughout the weekend and busted up laughing each time. Hee hee :-)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Night

Munching dinner and hitting "refresh" on several websites offering the lastest vote tallies in Maine, Washington state, and Kalamazoo, Michigan. As of right now, I'm excited to report that the good guys are ahead in Maine and Kalamazoo, but we got lots of votes to count yet. No results yet from Washington, where I believe the polls have yet to close.

The big question is: how late am I willing to stay up tonight refreshing websites? LOL