Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not Meaning to be a Tease

I apologize that I have not yet blogged about my parents' responses to the two DVDs I sent them--Bridging the Gap: Conversations on Befriending Our Gay Neighbours and Through My Eyes: An Eye-Opening Experience. It's just that, when I spoke to them on the phone a week and a half ago, they had just finished Through My Eyes and had just started Bridging the Gap. They did tearfully discuss one topic raised by Through My Eyes that I thought was poignant, but I have been waiting to blog about it until they had seen Bridging the Gap and we had a chance to discuss it as well.

Unfortunately, that opportunity has still not occurred. I usually call my folks when I am driving back to Peoria on Sunday nights after spending the weekend in Champaign with C. But disaster struck this past weekend. C and I got stuck in the worst traffic jam I've ever been in in my life--on I-39 in the middle of nowhere on the Wisconsin/Illinois border. A terrible accident brought both lanes of traffic to a complete standstill for what seemed like ages. As it happened in a construction zone, we were all sandwiched between miles of concrete barriers on one side and miles of guardrail on the other. Nowhere to go. Miles of bumper-to-bumper stopped traffic literally as far as the eye could see in either direction. No vehicle movement. Everyone standing around on the interstate outside their cars, milling around, chatting and getting to know the neighbors-by-happenstance. At one point I peed on the otherside of the embankment beside the interstate. At another point the lady in the car next to us begged us for some water to give to her parched dog. At another point the lady in the car behind us complained that she needed to use the bathroom; I told her I had just done so on the other side of the embankment and we laughed together as I suggested she do the same.

I climbed the embankment next to the interstate several times to see what I could see. Such a bizarre sight. The increase in elevation only allowed me to see more traffic in front of and behind us (we never saw the accident until after the traffic began moving again). The whole experience reminded me of the hurricane evacuation traffic snarls in Texas and Louisana the week after Katrina just before Rita made landfall.

By the time things finally got moving again, our schedule was completely off. We realized I could either (A) drop C off in Champaign, head straight back to Peoria, and still arrive past bedtime or I could (B) spend the night with C but have to get up obnoxiously early and drive directly to work in Peoria. Either way I knew I would lose sleep, but the latter option at least offered the opportunity for more cuddles.

Guess which option I chose ;-)

So I missed my phone call to the parents this week. Tried calling them yesterday and got their machine (I think they were at their church's Wednesday night services).

I did, however, receive a voicemail from my Mom saying she and dad were really moved by Bridging the Gap.--so much so that they asked if they could keep the copy of the DVD I sent them to show to their friends. They promised to order me a replacement copy.

That's encouraging :-)

So I'm looking forward to discussing both DVDs with them this weekend. I'm planning to break tradition and call them tomorrow night on my drive away from Peoria. I promise I'll eventually blog about our conversation. Sorry for the delay, guys.

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D.J. Free! said...

Still waiting! :D Tell us ASAP!