Thursday, September 10, 2009


So last night I found myself thinking about my youngest brother, J. He's been thinking a lot recently about proposing to his girlfriend. Actually, that's an understatement.

J's definitely a member of the Moderate family; we all waaaaaaaaay overthink things*. I remember my older brother, S, worked himself literally into depression from overthinking his engagement for, oh, about a year. Srsly. In fact, the most unhappy I can recall ever seeing S was right before he proposed--he was so vexed that he might make the wrong decision. (S, by the way, is the only person I've ever heard of who sought out multiple sessions of couples' pre-engagement counseling that he and his girlfriend attended together months before he actually proposed! :-O)

J has stressed out about his engagement less than S, but only a little. I think he's only been debating whether to propose to his girlfriend for about 6 months now.

At any rate, the last two phone conversations I've had with J have been on this subject and it had been awhile since our last chat. So last night my thoughts drifted back to J and his deliberations about marriage. I recalled that his girlfriend was headed to Europe for a three week evangelical mission trip this month, and I wondered if J might come to a decision and be waiting for her with a ring when she got back. I made a mental note to call J Friday as I drove back to Champaign.

Today he beat me to it. I got a call from J on my cell a little after 1pm. Though I was at work, I grinned thinking about what news might possibly prompt him to call me in the middle of the day. I took the call.

And I've had a stupid grin on my face ever since :-) His girlfriend took off for Europe yesterday. Today he visited a jeweler in Houston.

The ring should be ready about a week before she returns. I'm so happy for them!


*Note 1: I am probably the worst of my brothers when it comes to overthinking things. Why, before I proposed, I went through 5 years of therapy, became clinically depressed, and held weekly book studies with my boyfriend for 9 months... all before I felt peace about just dating him, let alone getting engaged to him! LOL We Moderates are an overly-cerebral bunch.

Note 2: Hmm. I just realized that the little clipart I used for this post may very well be the first portrait of hetero affection I've ever posted on this blog. Hmm. I gotta say, though, the guy's hair in this photo is just rad. Looks like mine :-)

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