Thursday, August 20, 2009

Joe Recommends: Through My Eyes

Now this is cool. Gay Christian Network has put together a fantastic resource that is simple and powerful. Their new DVD Through My Eyes: An Eye-Opening Experience is a collection of interviews with over two dozen college-aged Christians who happen to be gay.

I loved this video because there is no narration, just these young people telling their own stories in their own words. I also appreciated that the video did not advocate any particular conviction; some of the gay Christians interviewed believe it would be immoral to pursue relationships with people of the same gender, others believe God blesses gay relationships. I loved how the video pronounced no judgment on either view and just let these people share their lives.

Also cool: I've met three of the people in the video--we were all in the same ex-gay ministry together years ago. Wow, it's a small gay world ;-)

Check out the trailer below:

Stay tuned: I've saved the best for last! My highest recommendation goes to Bridging the Gap: Conversations on Befriending our Gay Neighbors, which I'll review next.

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