Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Laid Off

This week I am officially unemployed. As an austerity measure, my employer is temporarily laying off employees in various divisions for 1, 3, even 6 weeks out of 2009. As I am fortunate to work in one of the more profitable divisions of the company, this week is my only week of layoff--so far (more temporary layoffs may be announced once the second-quarter earnings have been analyzed). But for the time being, everyone in my division--from the vice-president to the janitor--is laid off for one week. The company saves ~$1.25 million in salaries, and we get to return to our jobs on Monday.

All in all, it's not a bad deal. I've been able to enjoy an extra week off from work and five extra nights cuddling with my husband :-) Granted, I'm not making much money (the supplemental unemployment benefit is roughly 37% of my normal salary), but it's nice to have some extra down time to enjoy the summer. And did I mention the cuddles? :-D

But I gotta admit it was a surreal experience to file for unemployment this past Monday. A surreal experience felt by all too many Americans recently :-/ I'm grateful that my unemployment is only temporary.


Pomoprophet said...

At first I thought you were "really" laid off! Phew. Thats odd they lay you off and let you file for unemployment. Also odd the state grants the request for just one week. Did you have to do seperation paperwork and rehire? Why don't they just furlough you? The state university system I work for is doing minimum 11 days of furlough. So thats over 2 weeks of being laid off. Only people can't collect unemployment. And in CA the first week you're unemployed they don't pay you anyways. Very interesting.

Joe Moderate said...

It's similar here in Illinois: you cannot collect unemployment the first week you are laid off. The "supplementary unemployment benefit" I am receiving this week is coming from my employer, rather than the state. That said, it's possible (read: likely) that my division will be temporarily laid off again later in the year. Since we are documenting our unemployment THIS week, the state will pay unemployment for THAT week.

It is a bit weird the way this all works out. But Illinois law is set up this way. When I filed for unemployment on Monday, part of the form asked when I would be going back to work and I put in Monday's date. Weird, huh?

Well maybe not so weird, considering a fraction of every single paycheck I've earned over the last seven years has been gone to state unemployment insurance. I'm happy they will let me draw on that now that I need it :-)

D.J. Free! said...

J and I thought you got really laid off too! You are a provocative one, aren't you?!

Sorry to hear you lost your job :(

Congratulations on that new job!

Can't wait to see you soon! :D