Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Second Marriage

C and I are going to get married again (to each other, that is)!

Today the Quaker Meeting in Iowa City, IA sent us a message saying they would "be happy to assist [us] in meeting the civil requirements for marriage in Iowa."

Perhaps a bit of explanation: C and I have already submitted an application to obtain a civil marriage license in Iowa, but now we must have our actual marriage license signed by an Iowa "marriage officiant", i.e. a judge or a religious leader who is recognized by his or her community as having the authority to deem a couple married. Ironically, in Quaker circles only a couple themselves has the authority to deem themselves married; however, clerks of Friends Meetings typically fill the legal role of signing as the "officiant" on civil marriage licenses.

Interestingly, the Iowa City Friends have requested that we in essence repeat our original wedding in their presence. That is, they have asked that we join them for one of their regular Meetings for Worship, during which we will rise to recite our vows to one another--again--in their presence. As with our original wedding 11 months ago (oh my goodness! it's been almost exactly a year!), there will be a traditional Quaker Marriage Certificate for all in attendance to sign. However, unlike our original wedding, there will be a civil marriage license to sign at this event :-D

LOL, we should start a collection of marriage certificates! Once this process is over we'll have three marriage certificates to hang on the wall of our living room :-)

C and I were also moved to read the following at the conclusion of the message from the Iowa City Friends:
We are truly honored by your request. In 1988 Iowa City Monthly Meeting minuted our willingness to conduct same-gender marriages under the same conditions and in the same manner as marriages between people of differing genders, but this will be the first time that minute is put into effect. So this is a very significant event for us as well as for you, both historically and spiritually.
So cool. I'm so excited! We will be the first same-gender couple to be married under the care of the Iowa City Meeting :-) What an honor for us!


Topher said...

I hadn't thought about the growing collection of licenses on the wall. It's turning into an art gallery!

D.J. Free! said...

weren't you guys the first same-sex couple married at your previous illinois meeting as well??

J. Pannell said...

Wow--I found this entirely by accident, but I was there for your second wedding, as an IC Friend. It's interesting and cool to find your blog here (and I won't share, as it seems you have attempted to be anonymous). Anyway, I wanted to let you know that the IC Meeting was blessed--blown away, really--by your wedding in our presence. Thank you!