Saturday, April 4, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

In three weeks Iowa will begin issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. My husband and I are making plans to take a day off of work and visit the Recorder's office in Johnson County, Iowa (where he grew up and where his family presently resides) and apply for a license of our own. We've downloaded and reviewed the Application to Marry in Iowa, which has brought up an interesting matter: what to do with our last names?

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C and I have actually had this conversation before--several times, in fact. We have previously concluded that we would eventually take a common last name. Our reason for doing this is to make things simpler for our children. But what last name to take? His? Mine? A combination of the two? Something completely new?

We've tossed around a fair number of ideas, but haven't ever settled on one. We decided we would postpone the decision until such a time as we were able to legally marry. After all, it's much less expensive to change your name through marriage--it's all rolled up into the marriage license fee. :-)

Now that we're suddenly able to marry, the decision is upon us again. What name should we take?

Any ideas?


Intrepid Wanderer said...

Awesome. Joe Moderate Awesome. :-)

You could always make up a new name.

Pomoprophet said...

Maybe your last name should be "moderate" :)

My beau and I were just talking about the last name thing this morning as we drank coffee at the locacl starbucks downtown after church. Its both a blessing and curse that there are no traditions as to what to do for gay marriage/name changes. Theres no right or wrong, just what works for ya'll.

I'm not a fan of hyphenated names even though most of the people in my lutheran church choose them :)

Charity said...

To be honest, I am happy that someone other than me is wrestling with this decision. However, while I have customs to fall back upon (take the guys name unless you are a published scientist), you guys don't. Since your last names are very close alphabeticaly, may I suggest a hybrid name? Or you could take a name that goes with this quote...."Elementary my dear Watson"

Newscrazy said...

How about Milk? Hay? DeGeneres? John? Tomlin? DiRossi? Harris? Knight? Amaechi? Swoopes? O'Donnel? Frank? Baldwin? Reese?

Roy called Curt Mr. McGay today. That would be sweet. How about Fairydusterman?

One of you is a published author, maybe you can go with that one?

Name yourself after a cool place? Amsterdam, Rotenburg, Paris, Johannesberg... Portland... um... Tuscola.

Newscrazy said...

You could take the name of your childhood pet and combine it with the street you lived on... wait thats porn star name.

You could borrow one of the famous drag houses names--If I ever changed my name, I'd likely do that. Aviance, Xtravaganza, Dupree, LaBeija, Ninja, Pendavis, Corey, Garavani and of course the Michigan houses Diamond, Hunter, Franklin, Allure, Moore, Fairfax, and Evangelista. I've always wanted to be an Evangelista. Joe you WERE an Evangelista!

Topher said...

Thank goodness for blogs to help us decide these things!

Combinations could be cool.

Awesome could be awesome!

I'm thinking if it were a famous person's last name, I'd want them to be dead already ... sorry DeGeneres!

And the problem with going with the last name that's published is ... that both of us are published! Gah!

Selly said...

You guys know I have been pushing for the hyphenated thing. Luckily, both of you have short last names so it won't be too cumbersome.

You can cast a die to determine whose last name is first. As crazy as I usually am, making up a new last name doesn't sound very appealing to me.

Of course, we could all simply stop wasting time and simply have you guys take my last name. You are welcome!

Esther said...

Whatever name you take, mazel tov to both of you!

Newscrazy said...