Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Call for Participants in Another (Cool) Study of Ex-Gay Ministry

Head's up, everybody: I've just learned of another study of people who have participated or currently are participating in ex-gay ministries. This one is being conducted by Stacia J. Creek, a doctoral student in sociology at Southern Illinois University.

However, this study differs from the one I previously discussed in several distinctive--and cool--ways:
  1. First, participants for this study can be anyone who has participated in or is currently participating in an ex-gay ministry in the United States. There is no limitation that participants need to presently identify as LGBT.

  2. Second, participation in this study does not consist of completing a questionnaire. Rather, data for this study is collected through a series of interviews--in person interviews. Stacia will be criss-crossing the U.S. between mid-April and July to conduct interviews with participants. (Hint hint: act now if you'd like to be included in the study so she can add you to her travel plans!) More information on the interviews:
    Subjects involved in the study will be asked a series of questions that will take one to two hours to answer. These confidential interviews will be audio-taped and I will take every reasonable step to protect your identity. Participation in this study is completely voluntary and you may stop participating at any point during the interview.
  3. Third, this is a sociology study. Stacia's research interests are a bit different than you might expect. In her own words:
  4. I am interested in how individuals connected to religious movements "do" identity work through storytelling. I believe that all human beings are story-telling animals, and that these stories are essential to the process of sorting out who we are. I've opened my research to include a range of experiences- including individuals still involved with the ex-gay movement, people who have rejected their experiences completely to become GLBT in identity and behavior, and individuals who are GLBT and celibate. I should note that I am less interested in some of the more political baggage associated with ex-gay research (such as "Are they really ex-gay?" etc) and more interested in the complex interactions between people and religious movements.

    I suppose what I'm specifically interested in is how people take the stories they learn from an ex-gay ministry and incorporate them into their lives and senses of self. I am looking at the ways that people appropriate, modify, subvert and reject those stories. Finally, I hope to gain an understanding of how individuals' religious backgrounds complicate their use of those stories.

    I'm also very open to input about my work from subjects. So, if there is a question you think I should be asking during the course of our interview, please let me know. Additionally, if you are interested in reviewing what I write down the road, I will be more than happy to send you what I've written. I will also take any feedback you wish to give in regards to the direction I've taken
Sounds really cool. I've been communicating with Stacia about setting up an interview with me here in Peoria. Interested in participating yourself? Just send Stacia an email. You can use her university email address, but she seems to prefer that you contact her at her gmail address.

Hat tip: A Musings

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