Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beautiful. Just Beautiful

In case you haven't already seen sweet, middle-aged, never-been-kissed Susan Boyle sing on "Britain's Got Talent," you gotta follow this link (YouTube has disabled embedding the video). This woman, her story, and her surprising voice are amazing: I promise that watching the video will do your soul good. I smiled so broadly I thought my face would fall off :-)

hat tip: my buddy Andy


Pomoprophet said...

i heard it on my favorite talk show this morning on my drive in to work. And they described it but watching it just now brought tears to my eyes and a smile on my face!

Intrepid Wanderer said...

It is an absolutely heart warming story. Look to my blog tomorrow for a wrap up of a lot of good posts I have seen about it. Les Miserable is an incredible play and she did it justice which is awesome.

Makes me feel sick for watching American Idol, that can't move people like this lady has.