Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top 10 Countdown

Well, it's Thursday. The President of the United States stopped by Peoria for a brief speech at a Caterpillar plant--unfortunately a plant 20 miles from the research and development campus where I work :-/ I'm disappointed to have missed the Prez, so I decided to cheer myself up by posting my top 10 favorite Daily Show segments. The list is inspired by my husband, who helped me assemble the list last weekend.

UPDATE: Some of the video links pasted improperly the first time. They should be correct now.

  1. N.I.L.F. Hunting

  2. Honoring Britian's Humorously Named

  3. Inside the Larry Craig Airport Bathroom

  4. Viacom vs. YouTube

  5. Fellow Vagina-American

  6. Sarah Palin and Katie Couric

  7. Alberto Gonzales Telenovela

  8. The Sordid Truth about the Iowa Caucuses

  9. Small Town Values

  10. Charles Doty for President

Did I miss any? Let me know your favorite; better yet, post a link to your favorite segment of the Daily Show.

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