Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Gays than Lesbians Seek Civil Unions in UK

I'll bet you've heard this joke before:
Q: What does a lesbian bring on the second date?
A: A U-Haul.

Q: What does a gay man bring on the second date?
A: What second date?
The joke plays on the prevalent stereotype that lesbians are more likely than gay men to settle down. Interestingly, data collected over the past three years since same-sex civil unions were introduced in the U.K. indicates the opposite is true. Gay couples in Britain not only seek civil unions in greater numbers than do lesbian couples, but their unions also last longer.
Gay men, though often characterised as promiscuous, are settling down in greater numbers than lesbians. Men have out-partnered women in every quarter since civil partnerships were introduced; in London last year nearly 75% of those contracted were between men. Some unions have already broken down; but so far male partnerships have proved less likely than female ones to end in dissolution.
Hat tip: my husband


Topher said...

What an adorable picture!

Breten said...

The fact that there were more gay unions than lesbian doesn't surprise me since most stats I have seen have shown that gays seem to outnumber lesbians, at times by as much as 2 to 1. As for the fact that gay relationships were outlasting lesbian ones...that would be interesting to study more. I wonder if the fact that the sample of those who married was made up more heavily of long term partners (average age was around 40 I believe) plays something to do with it. It is also interesting to note that the English data and Vermont data don't match. A lot more research needs to go into all of this, but it is fun to look at the numbers.

Of course none of that is to prop up the stereotypes. Jokes like that may be funny within a community laughing at itself, but to take those and make moral judgements on them is always stupid.