Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Congratulations Congresswoman

After work yesterday I drove to the local offices of our newly elected state representative, Jehan Gordon. I'll confess I did not vote for Gordon, but I enjoyed meeting and congratulating our new congresswoman. She made quite a good impression on me when I met her yesterday--very professional, very well spoken.

We'll see how this, her first term serving at the state level, goes. I may be contacting her soon if the civil union bill (that has been sitting dormant in the Illinois house for almost 3 years now--arrgh! frustration) comes up for a vote.

Side note 1: Gordon was elected to the state house seat being vacated by Aaron Schock, who was recently elected as my U.S. representative. Schock is not only the youngest member of the U.S. Congress, but is apparently also the hottest.

Side note 2: The good news about Illinois politics stops there. Don't even get me started on certain Illinois senators. Yeesh.

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Newscrazy said...

I very much agree with the Huffington Post readers. I really want Aaron Schock to have a gay scandal with me. Actually, eff that. If Aaron Schock wanted to have a secret affair with me, I would keep that so secret for him, there wouldn't be a torturer in all of Russia who could get it out of me. If it meant I could just hit that once... OK, so I know this goes against EVERYTHING I ever preach, and my rule about NOT mixing with closeted men... but I mean... he's so adorable. And he looks like he'd be a firecracker. Once I'd bend my rule. Him and Colin Ferrell.