Sunday, February 1, 2009

(Belated) Happy Birthday, Jim Burroway

I just wanted to express some belated happy birthday wishes to one of my personal heroes, Jim Burroway. Jim edits the Box Turtle Bulletin, an insightful blog where he writes illuminating articles explaining academic research on homosexuality and exposing misinformation about LGBT folks. (Jim is the handsome guy without glasses in the photo. I dunno who the other weirdo is.)

Jim's work on the Box Turtle Bulletin played a key role in the coming-out processes of many young gay and lesbian people I know--including myself and my husband. His work has also impacted the lives of LGBT people across Arizona as he recently co-chaired "No on Prop 102", a state-wide effort to oppose the anti-marriage equality amendment that was on the ballot there last fall.

Oh, and did I mention that he's also an engineer? What's not to like about this guy?!

As he announced on Facebook yesterday, Jim has been "42 for six years."

Happy Birthday, Jim. And a heartfelt thanks from my family to you.

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Jim Burroway said...

Thank you so much! Hopefully we can meet up again somewhere this year again.