Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I teared up watching this touching music video of the song End of the World on the album Hide Nothing by Matt Alber. Enjoy.

I'm really missing my husband tonight.

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You may have noticed the news yesterday that my employer, Caterpillar, announced it was in the process of laying off 20,000 employees. Many media outlets incorrectly reported that all 20,000 lay offs occurred yesterday; in fact, these job reductions have been taking place over the past two months.

What disturbed me and my coworkers was the 20,000 number: we had, up to that point, known of 15,000 lay offs--but we were unable to account for 5,000 of the lay offs. Yesterday was, in fact, an announcement of 5,000 previously unknown job cuts. There was a lot of dark humor circulating in the office yesterday as we joked about losing our jobs.

But today in a meeting with our vice president, we were relieved to hear that none of the job cuts would be occurring in our business unit (research and development). Sadly, there was a definite sense of emptiness to the relief. While I realized the pink slips had past me and my immediate coworkers, I am unsettled knowing that our colleagues in other divisions will be meeting a different fate in the days to come.

We have yet to learn where exactly the cuts will come. :-/

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ted Haggard Speaks

Wow. It's been a million year since I last posted, and so much has transpired: the election and inauguration of President Obama, the arrest and impeachment of Illinois' governor, the crashing of the economy (including 20,000 layoffs announced today by my employer--hope they don't pick me!), and the holidays with my husband's family. Sorry I've been so mum!

Thought I'd make a come back by drawing your attention to Ted Haggard. He's once again in the news as he is the subject of a documentary produced by U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's daughter. Just today I came across his surprising interview with U.S. News and World Report. I was stunned how much he has changed. A quick excerpt:
USNews: You disappeared for a couple years after the scandal broke. You relished the spotlight before the scandal ... does it feel good to be back in it?

Haggard: The portion that feels good is the ability to answer questions and clear up misunderstandings and misconceptions. The subject of course is incredibly embarrassing and so I'm certainly not proud of what I'm having to talk about. However, it is good to help people fill in the blanks in their minds.

USNews: What do you feel are the major misunderstandings?

Haggard: Various groups have contrasting misunderstandings. The homosexual community needed to hear from me about what was going on inside of me. Groups like the National Association of Evangelicals needed to hear a personal apology from me. The people of New Life Church needed to hear of the disappointment I had in myself and that I apologize to them and that I continue to love them deeply....

USNews: Why did the homosexual community need to hear from you?

Haggard: It was originally presented, right after the scandal, that I was a hateful, anti-gay preacher. Number one, I was not. Number two, for the things that I do believe, like the Bible is the word of God, I wanted to apologize to the gay community for the hurt that I did cause them. Because I think I'm much more compassionate and understanding and contrite than I was then because in the process of the scandal the volume of hate mail I've received [was] incredible, from the right and the left. And so now I understand more what a homosexual feels like being subject to religious ridicule and it makes me very compassionate and I don't think I had that degree of compassion before. (Emphasis mine)
Read the entire interview here.

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