Monday, October 20, 2008

My New Wheels

Pimp My Ride, eat your heart out. Check out these new wheels! In the past three weeks, I've had the opportunity to operate a variety of equipment manufactured by my employer, Caterpillar. So cool! I've driven two hydraulic excavators (the name given to the piece of machinery pictured below),
track loaders,
one of the new m-series motor graders,three different models of track-type tractors (bulldozers),the classic American backhoe (I think every small town in the U.S. owns at least one of these),a wheel loader,and a multiterrain loader.
That last piece of equipment--the multiterrain loader--receives the lion's share of my attention at work. I can't tell you how excited I am about the project. You can get a quick overview of it in the following video:


Pomoprophet said...

You're so butch!

Do you grab your crotch when you drive those things too?

D.J. Free! said...

very cool! :D