Thursday, September 25, 2008

30+ Pastors to Defy the IRS

I think this noteworthy news item has gotten buried amid all the political and financial news this week: this coming Sunday, more than 30 pastors will preach sermons endorsing and/or opposing political candidates by name, intentionally violating federal law that prohibits tax-exempt organizations (such as churches) from explicitly endorsing and opposing political candidates.

As an example, pastor Gus Booth of Warroad Community Church in Warroad, Minnesota believes that
if you're a Christian, you cannot support a candidate like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.
Booth has already told the 150 members of his church as much in a sermon in May. This weekend several other similar sermons will be delivered to church congregations around the country.

It's all part of a nationwide effort called the Pulpit Initiative led by Focus on the Family's legal activism arm, the Alliance Defense Fund. Says ADF attorney Erik Stanley,
if the IRS chooses to come after these churches, we will sue the IRS in federal court.
You can read more about this action in the transcript of a NPR news article that aired last night.


D.J. Free! said...
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D.J. Free! said...

i'm actually very encouraged by this. their very obstinance and defiance bespeaks their fear and panic. it's as if they can feel their "power" slipping away from them right beneath their noses, and i couldn't be happier about it.

we need new kinds of Christians for this new kind of world we live in. let them speak from their pulpits. the very best response the IRS could give would be to completely ignore their purile cries.