Monday, August 11, 2008

"Pray for Rain"

ROFL. You aren't going to believe this. Well, maybe you will. How is Focus on the Family advocating that its followers respond to the upcoming Democratic national convention in Denver? "Pray for rain." No kidding. They have even made a video to encourage you to so pray:

Hat tip: Dispatches from the Culture Wars


seithman said...

Wow, talk about petty!

Of course, I like how he says in one place where he's not talking about flooding people out of their homes, but then less than a minute later is talking about there being so much rain that people need hip waders. Erm, hello? If it's raining bad enough that people need their hip waders, then there will be flood damage. Heck, there's liable to be a few lives lost, too.

That's not just petty. That's certifiably evil.

Newscrazy said...

Leave it to the FOCers. They can look you straight in the eye while stabbing you right in the back. It must be very difficult to talk out of both sides of your mouth so much.