Thursday, July 10, 2008

Married, Defended, and Couldn't be Happier :-)

Wow! The most stressful, wonderful, and emotionally full month of my life has just past. It began one month ago with a beautiful Quaker wedding surrounded by joyous loved ones and ended this morning with a dissertation defense surrounded by four engineering professors.

I am a husband.

And I just completed graduate school.

Words cannot express how happy I am about the former and how relieved I am about the latter!


D.J. Free! said...

i couldn't be happier FOR you, my friend! i'm so proud! CONGRATULATIONS! :D

seithman said...


Selly said...

Jeez Joe, it is about time.

And here I thought that because you got married, you think you are too cool to blog any more. Congratulations on your marriage.

And on graduating too. It has been a full month.

Ok, you are forgiven. Go and sin no more (i.e. better start keeping me entertained now that you have nothing to do).

Wow Dr. Joe Moderate. I really am proud of you!