Wednesday, June 4, 2008

C'mon Down to the Farm

ROFL. You gotta check out this unintentionally hilarious antigay music video (I know, I know: a music video? I was stunned as well) put on by the country singers Lewis and Lewis.
C'mon down to the farm
C'mon out to the barn
You won't see two roosters walking arm in arm
They couldn't make a chicken
They don't have an egg to hatch
When God said "love your brother I don't think he meant like that

"It ain't normal. I don't care what they say. It just ain't normal."
Update: Ben has found the Lewis's email address. If you'd like to contact them, send a message to . Thanks, Ben!

hat tip: Peter LaBarbara


Ben in Oakland said...

Just sent this to Mr. and Mrs Lewis:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Lewis:

I saw your anti-gay-marriage video. Very funny, especially is you like humor which denigrates the lives and aspirations of law abiding and productive citizens who only want to lead their lives in peace with their neighbors, with exactly the same benefits, rights, and responsibilities that you enjoy as heterosexuals-- nothing more and nothing less.

I thought I would like to point out a few factual inaccuracies and misapprehensions on your part.

For example, I suspect you have not really spent much time on a farm, despite your folksy, farm-bred manner. My partner was raised on a farm, and he observed just about every type of warm-blooded animal in what we will call homosexual behavior, for lack of a better, more descriptive term. In fact there is a book called Biological Exuberance, which documents homosexual behavior in literally hundred of animal species-- at least the warm blooded ones. You might try reading it-- you'd learn something about those roosters, for example.

You see, heterosexuality is not normal, it is just very common-- and exclusive heterosexuality is probably far less common than you might think. What IS normal is a range of orientation from exclusively hetero-- I assume like you-- to exclusively gay-- like me. I believe that we all have the same rights to live on the planet as long as we live in peace with our neighbors. I also believe that you have the right to disapprove, just as I disapprove of bigoted people who think that they have the irght to make miserable the lives of others, whom they don't know and know nothing about, just because they don't like their race, or religion, or ethnic group, language, gender, or orientation.

Another is your assumption that marriage is about reproductive behavior only. Maybe that sums up your marriage; I don't know you, so I can't say. My life is full of friends, family, love, enjoyment, spiritual joy, peace, and happiness, and the blessing of a wonderful partner-in-life that I hope someday to marry, and for exactly the same reasons that you married each other: because we love each other and wish to build a life together, as we are in fact doing. And doing, I may add, despite the efforts of people who disapprove of gay people and think that they are doing a GOOD thing by attacking us and making our lives as difficult and unpleasant as they possibly can.

I can guarantee you that the prejudice directed towards gay people has destroyed far more families that I could do if I took family destruction on as a full-time occupation. I have personally known examples of children rejected and outcast by their families because they are gay. I have met many men who are heterosexually married but are not heterosexual, who commit adultery frequently, and who endanger their wives, families, and careers because the positive option-- having a fulfilled life with another man, with the full support of family and community-- is not available to them. Three names I'm sure you know come to mind: Ted Haggard, Lonnie Latham, and Paul Barnes, to name a few. Likewise, AIDS is rampant is the Afro-American community because of the same down-low phenomenon, with black women bearing the brunt of the disease.

I'm wondering if the lyrics in your song mean that people who cannot reproduce-- people like yourselves, who are clearly past child-bearing age, or infertile couples-- should not allowed to be married. I think that is what you are saying. But maybe you don't know this: a lot of gay people have children, sometimes from previous heterosexual relationships which failed because at least one of the partners was not actually heterosexual, sometimes because of family issues like the death of the real parents, and sometimes by...

ADOPTION. You see, one of the things that many gay people do is we adopt the children that heterosexuals so thoughtlessly reproduce for no other reason than this: THEY CAN. You don't license it, you don't certify it, you don't require any training or even interest. You don't require people to really support their children, or even think about having them before they commit. The orphanages, welfare rolls and foster programs--not to mention the vastly overpopulated and under-nourished third world-- are full of the unwanted children that your unbridled and unconsidered sexuality have produced, and you won't even fund those appropriately, let alone educate these children.

Yes, the world is full of these cast-off children, most of whom are literally dying for a home, dying for the love of two parents (of whatever gender), or maybe just dying. Do not the children of gay people, however gotten, deserve the same protection that is afforded their counterparts in "traditional" families? Would not marriage accomplish that? Or are those children just not important to good Christians.

I have a friend who adopted a child with her partner-- an unwanted child who would have been raised in poverty and disease, had he survived the 18 months given him by the orphanage to live. But has been given a chance at a different life with her. M. is now healthy, bright, charming, well behaved, and a joy to be around, instead of merely another piece of 3rd world refuse heading towards an early death because his heterosexual parents neither wanted him nor were prepared to care for him. How does preventing my friend from marrying another woman, thereby giving M a set of married parents and all of the benefits that the law and society allow, do anything to protect anyone else's family?

Joe Moderate said...

Hey Ben!

I was just talking about this video with my fiance this evening. our discussion centered on the issue you have raised in your fifth paragraph: that the purpose of marriage is reproduction. We heartily agree with your conclusion that marriage is primarily about love and care for a partner.

I also really liked your concise thought: "heterosexuality is not normal, it's just very common." I think that's a poignant truth.

I'm remembering all the research I did searching (somewhat in vain) for a precise explanation of the origins of gay orientation. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks: a precise explanation of the origin of hetero orientation is also unknown. The Lewis' seem to presuppose that because hetero sex is reproductive then hetero orientation must be "natural". But no such connection has been proved (as I'm sure you're aware).

Thanks for pointing this stuff out.

Do you have the Lewis' contact information? I'd be interested in sending them a note as well.

Ben in Oakland said...

Ben in oakland said...

I really wanted to communicate with him,so I was nice, with a little humor and sarcasm without being, i hope, offensive.

What I was really trying to say to him,was this:

hey, before you start laughing at our desire to have normal lives-- just like you-- and before you get your acclamation for the alleged superiority of heterosexuals merely for being heterosexual, before you cry out "My land!!! Who'da ever thought of something like that-- two men gettin' married and all"...

...Before all that happens...

why don't you clean up the mess that heterosexuals as a group have made of reproduction and marriage before you start telling gay people that we shouldn't be allowed to marry because we just really aren't as good and as special as you are, whether you think God agrees with you, or you just came to that conclusion on your own.

But that wouldn't be polite

Joe Moderate said...

I just sent them a brief note myself. Thanks for the address!

JMWR said...

U are trying hard to make being Gay normal, But U are saying nothing. Being antigay is not a law Mankind made up it is God’s Law,
and your fellow man cannot save you. so quit arguing with yourself.

If you do not believe that God has forbidden this kind of behavior you’re done.
Living on a farm, having bigger toes race, or religion, or ethnic group, language, gender, or orientation Etc. is a smoke screen, By the way it seems important for Gay individuals to want straight people to change their beliefs, I have not noticed much if any persecution from the straight community Straight people as a hole seem to have a live and let live and don't have a burning desire to let everyone know their sexual preference,
Like I said your sexual preference is not for man to say so if you have a problem with that you should talk to God the law giver and try to persuade him that man is no different than those barnyard roosters.

I have read your very long comment and I've got to say
You are messed up, but God can save you. But you must ask!
Good luck.

steeler said...

JMWR you are so very right in your comments. If people would only READ the HOLY BIBLE with a clear and OPEN mind they would see that the HOMOSEXUAL life style is an ABONINATION to GOD. These are his WORDS not mine. The SUPREME COURT and the justices that voted in gay marriage are going to stand before GOD one day and be judged by GOD on this decision. I pitty there souls.