Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Poll: Californian voters approve of gay marriage by slim majority

The results of a recent poll of 1,052 registered California voters show--for the first time in history--a slight majority approve of gay marriage: 51% to 48% statewide. The same poll indicates voters disapprove of a proposed amendment to the California state constitution that would ban gay marriage and, hence, overturn the CA Supreme Court's recent ruling that has legalized marriage for gays and lesbians in that state.

This finding is compared against six previous surveys of voter opinions on the same conducted by the same polling agency over the past 31 years. In 1977, more than twice as many Californians opposed gay marriage as supported it (59% to 28%). However, since that first poll, public opinion has gradually shifted.

The Field polling agency, which conducted the survey, has posted a thorough 8-page analysis of the poll results on its websites, including breakdowns of voter opinions by age, geographic location, and party identification. Not surprisingly, approval of gay marriage is highest among young voters, city dwellers, and Democrats and lowest among older voters, rural Californians, and Republicans.

This bit of news is balanced by the results of a recent L.A. Times poll of 834 Californians (only 705 of whom were registered voters) which reported public opinion opposed to gay marriage and in support of the proposed constitutional amendment.

hat tip: Mercury News

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