Thursday, May 22, 2008

If it bleeds, suffers, or dies, Phelps will celebrate it

There's a dry joke about local news outlets: "if it bleeds, it leads," meaning that traffic accidents, on-the-job injuries or occasional murders are the biggest news happening in small town America news markets.

A similar saying seems to apply to the press releases coming from Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) folk: if someone suffers or dies, they'll celebrate it. Only it's not just suffering or death in their hometown of Topeka, Kansas. Phelps and company celebrate suffering and death around the world, from praising God for the death of American soldiers abroad to praising God for the deaths of thousands of Chinese and Burmese in the recent earthquake and cyclone in Asia.

But suffering and death need not be large-scale to warrant their celebration. For instance, last week a medical helicopter crashed in Wisconsin, killing three. Ever the opportunists, the WBC folks released the following news release:
Thank God for throwing the new Wisconsin Medical Helicopter out of the air, dashing it to pieces, and killing a surgeon, nurse, and pilot.
Phelps apparently believes the helicopter crash was the justice of God meted out against Wisconsin after a WBC picket in that state was poorly received (in Phelps' words, he's upset about its "unlawful & sinful mistreatment of WBC for preaching God's Word on the mean streets of that evil state"). Promises Phelps about the dead surgeon, nurse, and pilot:
WBC will picket their funerals.

Yes. WBC will picket their funerals in religious protest and warning; to wit: "Be not deceived; God is not mocked." Gal. 6:7. Got Hates Fags! & Fag-Enablers. Ergo, God hates Wisconsin and its violent, sinful citizens, sodomite students (like the wild beasts & incompetent copes at the Univ. of Wisc.--Stout), Military mutts, and law forcement [sic] thugs like Sheriff Todd Nehls. They don't believe in the Bible or the First Amendment in homofascist Wisconsin.

Satanic Land of the Sodomite Damned. [sic; I think there's supposed to be a "be" in there somewhere]
hat tip: WBC website


seithman said...

The more I read about the folks at WBC, the more I realize the wisdom in Phelps's son who once wrote that his father's religion is merely a vehicle for his own hatred.

I cannot begin to imagine what kind of everlasting damage that much hatred must do to one's soul.

Joe Moderate said...

That's a poignant observation, Jarrod. I, too, wonder what is the extend of the damage Phelps has done to his own psyche through all his hate-mongering. Perhaps at this point in his life he isn't capable of doing anything but hate or seeing the world through any lens other than hate...