Friday, May 16, 2008

Hillary, Obama, and McCain on California Supreme Court Decision

Reactions from the presidential candidates to yesterday's California Supreme Court decision:

Following Thursday's ruling by the California Supreme Court striking down that state's ban on same-sex marriage both Obama and Clinton released carefully worded statements saying it was an issue for the states.

McCain said it should not be a decision for judges to take.

At least on the issue of gay rights, there is not much different between the three leading candidates for the U.S. presidency.

All three are opposed but would grant varying rights to gay and lesbian couples. And all three oppose amending the US constitution to bar same-sex marriage.

Clinton would amend the Federal Defense of Marriage Act that was signed into law while her husband was president to remove sections that bar the federal government from providing benefits to same-sex couples.

Obama would repeal the law altogether and permit civil unions.

McCain would follow the Clinton lead by leaving in place the section barring the government from recognizing gay marriage but he would support benefits for same-sex pairs...

All three have been consistent since the campaign began.

I am particulary impressed with John McCain, who has twice voted against the Republican party when U.S. constitutional amendments banning gay marriage have come before the Senate. He is on record as calling such measures "un-Republican."

I can only imagine how the leading Republican presidential candidate's position is further frustrating the Religious Right. Even three of the four California Supreme Court justices that voted to overturn the gay marriage ban are Republican.

Perhaps this is one more squabble that will finally lead to the collapse of the strange alliance of socially conservative religious folks and the Republican party. I sure hope so! I can only see benefit for all parties involved--the churches, the Republican party, and the United States as a whole--if the Religious Right falls apart.

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