Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CA Supreme Court to rule on gay marriage *tomorrow*

At 10am (PST) tomorrow, the highest court in California will rule on gay marriage in that state. Justices seemed quite divided on the issue during oral arguments in March. As much as I would like to see gay marriage legalized in California, I'm not expecting that to be the Court's decision. Rather, I'm anticipating the Court will make a decision on what exactly Proposition 22 means and does not mean and leave it up to the legislative process to legalize gay marriage.

But we'll see. It would be wonderful if marriage becomes legal in California! However, it appears that state is not quite ready to make such a step (I'd love to be proven wrong on this!)

I will also be watching the blog of Pomoprophet, one of my closest friends. He's a CA resident, so this ruling affects him and his community directly. I'm interested to see what Pomo says in response to the Court's ruling.

Hat tip: Google news, Mercury news