Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Barack Obama stealing white babies!

Just kidding! But I thought my buddy Pomoprophet would get a kick out of the headline :-)

And isn't the baby that Obama is holding in this photo adorable?

hat tip: Barack Obama's campaign website


Pomoprophet said...

You turd!!

He may not be stealing babies but he may as well take our first born with the amount of our money he wants to take via taxes...

Joe Moderate said...

I'm sure the money Obama would take from us in taxes is far, far less than the money Bush has spent on the wars. Money, I should point out, that the government does not tax. It's kinda bizarre how he cut taxes while spending huge sums of money.

::shakes head::

The Republicans can't save us. The Democrats can't save us. It's a complicated situation.