Thursday, April 24, 2008

Southern Baptist Convention Growing Smaller

An interesting article over at the Christian Post asserts that, for the first time, the largest Protestant denomination in the United States is in decline.

Actually, the article cites many statistics about the Southern Baptist Convention--some numbers pointing upward (attendance at services, construction of new churches), others pointing downward (baptisms, church membership). Yet the net conclusion is that the SBC is no longer growing and may, in fact, be declining.

"Many have predicted that membership (an inflated statistic anyway) would soon begin to decline, but the statement, 'Southern Baptists are a declining denomination' was not 'officially' accurate.

"Until today," [LifeWay president Thom S. Rainer] said in his blog on Wednesday.

Incidentally, the current membership of the SBC is a staggering 16,266,920.

Hat tip: Christian Post

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