Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ridiculously Cool Anti-Evolution Video

Gotta check out this amazingly well-done video Beware the Believers by a pro-Intelligent Design group. The video is basically creates a big "straw man" argument about evolution. I disagree with the "straw man" argument profoundly (in fact, I tend to trust Big Science more than I do Big Religion on almost every conceivable topic), but the music and the dancing and the rhymes in the video are simply too entertaining and too catchy to pass up.

Enjoy :-)

A few notes on the faces that appear in the video. Obviously, the lead rapper is biologist Richard Dawkins ("Dick Dawk, Ph.D."). Also included are the faces of naturalist Charles Darwin, author Christopher Hitchens, anthropologist Eugenie Scott, biologist Paul "PZ" Myers, author Sam Harris, and tycoon Andrew Carnegie.
Dick to the Dawk to the Ph.D., he's smarter than you; he's got a science degree
Dick to the Dawk to the Ph.D., he's still smarter than you; he's studied biology
Wow, so catchy!

Fun aside: I, Joe Moderate, am on the cusp of of completing a "science" Ph.D. myself! I'm so thrilled that the years of graduate school are coming to a close. I've got 100 pages of my dissertation written, and tomorrow my advisor and I will wrangle through the details of the outline for the last chapter. Woo-hoo! The end is so close I can almost hear the new lyrics...
Joe to the Mod to the Ph.D., he's finally done; he's got a science degree!
Joe to the Mod to the Ph.D., no more grad school for him; he studied 'lectricity
Hat tip: Dispatches from the Culture Wars


Charity said...

Congratulations on the PhD but with rapping like that, maybe you should have pursued a career in gansta rap. You still can.... ;-)

TweetyJill said...

"I, Joe Moderate, am on the cusp of of completing a "science" Ph.D. myself."

And there lies your bias, Joe. Scientists, because they have been to school for so so long(did I say long!), want to get back at the world by making up these queer "theories" and calling it

"Son, so what have you to show for all those years in school?"

"Hmm, Dad, so I came up with this theory. I won't explain because you certainly won't get it. But trust me. It is right. I know, I spent a lot of time in school working at it."

Ok, back to working on my own Science Ph.D. Coming up: Top ten reasons why I am still no where close to being done:
10. Too much time wasted leaving random comments on Joe's blog
9. ...