Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obama's Pastor on Gay Rights

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, retired pastor of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ of which Barack Obama is a member, is now infamous for some raw comments about the racial situation in the U.S. However, he has also said some remarkably open-minded and progressive comments about gay rights in the U.S.
I refuse to limit my God, to lock God into my cultural understandings because culture is fickle. And culture is often wrong. Culture was wrong about slavery. Culture was wrong about women. Culture was wrong about Africans and Indians, and culture was wrong about Christ. I have been the pariah among many of my clergy colleagues who somehow see me as defective or not quite saved because I won’t join them in their homophobic gay bashing and misquoting of scripture.
hat tip: Washington Blade

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TweetyJill said...

I have often said to people who are quick to bash one politician or another (and their supporters), there is always some good in everyone. You simply have to look harder to find this good in some than in others.