Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Video: Sodom and Gommorah

Check out this YouTube trailer for an indy Christian film titled "Sodom and Gommorah."

I think the subject matter of this film is really interesting. What does a married couple do when it is discovered that they do not share the same orientation?

While I'm sure I disagree with the religious convictions of the filmmakers, I'm okay with some of the heavy religious content. After all, religious overtones are often present for the many American families that find themselves in such situations (e.g. the Haggard family).

Unfortunately, it appears this film may not address this question very thoughtfully. The acting and dialog seem campy and unbelievable. Daughter calling father a "queer"? Improbable, and an odd choice of language given the religious argument that dad's not actually gay. Father and son wrestling over dad's gay affair? Weird, unlikely, and has odd homoerotic subtexts.

I dunno. I'd love to see a film that explores these issues thoughtfully. This doesn't seem to be such a film, though.

But there's even more to this.

Apparently there is a YouTube "channel" set up for this film, containing a message from Alan Chambers which makes blanket assertions about the LGBT community. Frustrating. *sigh* More "noise".

I like how this (gay) video blogger discusses the film and its propaganda.

Hat tip: Peterson Toscano

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