Monday, April 7, 2008

It's All Because the Gays are Getting Married

Ridiculous story out of Bellevue, Ohio:
Police said an Ohio man has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a picnic table.

Police arrested Arthur Price Jr. after an anonymous tipster dropped off three DVDs that reportedly showed Price in the act.

According to NBC Toledo, Ohio, affiliate WNWO-TV, the videos show Price tilting the metal round picnic table on its side and then laying up against it to have sexual intercourse with the table. Afterward, he can then be seen cleaning the table and the deck.

I was tipped off about this story by Ed Brayton over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars. Ed points out perhaps the most bizarre part of the story:
During questioning, he reportedly admitted to having sex with the table. Police said he also admitted to bringing the table inside his home for sex.
Outrageous. Well, we all know why crazy stuff like this is happening:

hat tip: Dispatches from the Culture Wars


seithman said...

What a bizarre story on so many levels.

Of course, part of me wants to know how an anonymous tipster came by three DVD's of Price doing the deed.

-- Jarred.

Pomoprophet said...

Pomo misses him some Joe Moderate!

TweetyJill said...

Seithman, I suppose the anonymous tipster has a "man with picnic table" voyeur fetish.


Watch out for the meteor next.