Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tony Perkins Brings the Crazy

Again and again I am amazed by the startling misunderstandings between the Left and the Right (and the Center?). In this clip from ABC News, Tony Perkins of the Evangelical lobby organization Family Research Council shares his unbelievable explanation of the evil "agenda" behind Global Warming.
Perkins: A major component of Global Warming is to reduce population because people are seen as part of the problem. And, of course, population control includes abortion. It also includes same-sex relations because they do not cause offspring.

What bothers me the most is the realization that Perkins must not be the only person who believes this stuff. Wow. There's just so much misunderstanding, misinformation, and confusion. Will it take the passing of the "old guard" of leaders on the Right and the Left before helpful dialog can take place between the two sides?

hat tip: Right Wing Watch

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