Friday, March 21, 2008

Sally Kern for Governor

Remember Sally Kern, the Oklahoma state representative whose bizarre anti-gay speech a few weeks ago has created a firestorm in the blogosphere recently?

This just in from Oklahoma City conservative talk show host Mark Shannon:
I don't know Sally Kern, not sure I've ever meant [sic] her. I didn't hear the WHOLE speech she made, because the homosexual attack fanatics didn't want you or me to hear the whole speech.

That said, if I were a "political adviser" to her, I'd be exploring a run for Governor in 2010.

She's OBVIOUSLY the most popular woman in Oklahoma government right now for speaking the truth about the homosexual agenda in this country. An overwhelming number of Oklahomans SUPPORT her words and are glad she said them, and she's shown BACKBONE, something most of the "whimps" [sic] in the GOP have refused to do on this or any other topic.

KERN FOR GOVERNOR? She should at least be exploring the possibility. She has more "balls" than most of the men who object to her.

Incidentally, contrary to what Shannon wrote above, you can find links to the entire transcript of Kern's speech over at the "homosexual attack fanatics" blog Box Turtle Bulletin.


TA said...

It shouldn't surprise us. These were the same people who only a decade ago were telling us how to shoot ATF agents. Such is their respect for life and the people who live on this planet.

TweetyJill said...

I know at least one person who would vote for her. Becoming governor is a step towards becoming president after all. :-)