Monday, March 10, 2008

"Myth: Some Gays Really Love Each Other"

...or so claims Mike Haley of Focus on the Family. In an article titled "Clearing up the Confusion: Why Homosexuality is NOT a Part of God's Plan" that appeared recently in Breakaway, Focus's magazine targeted at adolescent boys, Haley sets out to deconstruct a set of "myths" about gay people. Most of these "myths" are what you would expect. But the last part of "Myth #3" really caught me off guard.
Myth #3: Homosexual relationships are no different than heterosexual ones. Homosexual advocates want their relationships to be treated the same as heterosexual ones, enjoying legal rights to marriage and adoption. And some gays really do love each other. (emphasis mine)
Really? Wow.

You can read all of Haley's piece in Breakaway for yourself. Or read Haley's bio: "From Prostitute to Pastor: the Mike Haley Story." Haley apparently has left a lifestyle of promiscuity and steroids, a behavior change that I applaud him for. Well done, Mike! But please don't conflate your addictions with your orientation, and please don't project your own experiences on other gay people.

Hat tip: Ex-Gay Watch, Queerty


seithman said...

Eh, I wouldn't get too excited. I'm sure Haley just forgot to explicitly cover all the standard reasons why our love can never be "real love."

Or maybe I'm just being extra-cynical today.

-- Jarred.

Joe Moderate said...

Yeah, I gotta admit that hearing Haley say the part about us not loving each other being fake caught me off guard. I mean, sure, I've heard tons of anti-gay folks make that claim. But I usually think of Haley as one of the "good guys" among the ex-gays. He's always come across to me as kinder and more open-minded than his cohorts.

I guess this one comment doesn't destroy all of his credibility with me, it has certainly lessened it.

our love a myth? ::shakes head::