Monday, March 10, 2008

Gay = Mass Murder

...according to Stephen Green, director of the British organization Christian Voice. Green made the comment to pop music star Ian Watkins (front and center in the photo) during filming of a documentary about growing up gay in Wales.
During filming, he interviewed Stephen Green, director of campaign group Christian Voice, and was told his lifestyle was sinful, making him no better than American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

The comparison to Dahmer came when Watkins told Mr Green he was "so happy" with being gay.

Crazy. I am familiar with the line of reasoning used by some Christians that "all sins are equal before the Lord." Basically, the idea is that stealing a paperclip from the office is the same as robbing a bank, that having lustful thoughts is the same as cheating on your spouse is the same as raping someone.

My guess is that Green would back up his statement with something similar. He could have said that being gay (which Green clearly believes to be sinful) is the same as stealing a paperclip from the office. But why'd he have to go nuts and equate it with--not just murder--mass murder? It's just waaaaay over the top. Language like this won't win any hearts and souls. Language like this won't bring reconciliation or peaceful, calm dialog in the "culture wars."

Stephen Green: adding to the noise.

But wait! There's more:
Mr Green also told Watkins he could become straight, quoted from the Bible that being gay is "vile", and promised to pray for him.
Oh geez. Here we go again...

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