Friday, February 1, 2008

Planned Parenthood Worse than Nazis, the KKK

Or so says Evangelical megachurch pastor Rod Parsley. I thought this piece fits nicely into the theme of eugenics that was recently brought up in the comments on a post about intelligent design.

In an animated, almost cartoonish video, Parsley alleges that Planned Parenthood is specifically trying to kill African-American babies in some twisted eugenics plan. To his credit, Parsley correctly notes that Margaret Sanger, the woman whose activism in the first half of the 1900s eventually birthed Planned Parenthood, was an advocate of eugenics. Parsley calls Margaret Sanger "Lady McDeath," but he fails to mention that at the time eugenics was endorsed in the early 1900s by a number of prominent figures--from Alexander Graham Bell to Woodrow Wilson--and that sterilization was required by law for people with various mental illnesses and hereditary diseases in more than thirty States.

At any rate, Planned Parenthood is apparently trying to sterilize the African-American community. What should concerned citizens like you do about it?
So please: go to your phone, go to, or write out your check and put it in the mail to me right now.

hat tip: Right Wing Watch

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seithman said...

Sadly, Parsley is not the first person to try to make this connection. Though the suggestion that Planned Parenthood is particularly targeting the African-American community might be new. It's certainly new to me.

What's up with the ultra-conservatives' recent attempts to promote their agenda by trying to stir up racial animosities, anyway? Or has this always been going on and I simply haven't been aware of it before?

-- Jarred.