Friday, February 15, 2008

Adding to the Noise

The Christian alternative rock group Switchfoot released a song on its Beautiful Letdown disc titled "If We're Adding to the Noise Turn off this Song." To be honest, I don't like the sound of the song, but I do appreciate the message in the lyrics.

Conservative Anglicans in Britain released a book last week to coincide with the General Synod. The new book, God, Gays, and the Church, sadly "adds to the noise" of the current religious culture war by repackaging several old, tired anti-gay arguments, theories, and twisted "research" that I've heard so many times before.

When I first heard about the book's release, I felt sad. But when I read excerpts from the book yesterday, my sadness dissolved into anger. This book contains some stunningly incorrect claims that make me want to scream.
Homosexuals are promiscuous because when given the choice, homosexuals overwhelmingly choose to be promiscuous.
Gay churches survive as places where worshippers can go to sleep it off and cleanse their consciences after a Saturday night spent cruising for sex at the bars.
Gentle reader, do you know what a “bug chaser” is? A bug chaser is a young gay man who wants to contract HIV so that he will never grow old.
And, gentle reader, [the porn section of a gay bookshop] is where most of them will spend the rest of their lives, until God or AIDS, drugs or alcohol, suicide or a lonely old age, intervenes.
Here is the terrifying fact: If we as a nation and as a Church allow ourselves to be taken in by the scam of monogamous same-sex couples, we will... be giving our blessing to the suicide of Western civilization.
This is absolutely disgusting.

And all in the name of God.

Stuff like this makes me want to have nothing to do with churches or religion. I can easily identify with those gay folks who have lost their faith due to the savage, ignorant, homophobic mindset of many Christians.

Hat tip: Ex-Gay Watch


Pomoprophet said...

sigh... these people have no idea that they push people to the opposite extreme. I've never wanted to be one of those extermists on the progay side but when I read things like this it just makes me want to stand up in the middle of one of their churches and start yelling (wearing my rainbow tshirt and boa, of course!)

Joe Moderate said...


Pomo, I, for one, would love to see you wearing a boa ;-)

seithman said...

As someone who has left Christianity (and in fairness, my being gay was only one of the reasons I made that choice), I'm glad that there are people who realize this and tend to speak up and condemn this kind of thinking by the religious right.

I could say more, but I think I'm going to blog about it instead.

D.J. Free! said...

i'm absolutely DISGUSTED right now!!! grrrrrr!!!