Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Raining... Sewage?

You wouldn't believe what's pouring out of a ceiling light fixture in the kitchen of my apartment. Even if you did, you wouldn't want me to describe it to you. Rest assured, I just called my landlord's emergency maintenance number.

Oh, gross...


TweetyJill said...

It's all because ...

Joe Moderate said...


Thanks, Tweety. I needed that. It's been a long day trying to get the ceiling shit water fixed. Have I mentioned that my ceiling has been leaking (clear) fluid for the past 10 days? Of course I called my landlord the very first day; they came out to inspect, but took no action.

Two days later, more clear fluid began leaking from the ceiling--in a different location! I and my roommate have called that in multiple times over the past week. Maintenance guys have come out to look at it, but have thus far taken no action.

The last straw came last night, when brown, smelly fluid began *pouring* out of two of the light fixtures in my kitchen! I was furious. I left two messages with the landlord, then called the emergency maintenance number. A guy came over around 11:30pm to check it out... and *again* did nothing!

But he did say this: he said he couldn't believe that we've taken how the landlord has allowed this to go on for more than a week. He recommended we go to the Tenant advocate office at the University AND to go to the City's housing commission.

This morning (after noting that--no exaggeration--more than a gallon of shit water had poured through the kitchen ceiling last night), my roommate and I filed complaints with the Tenant Union and the City Housing Commission. A city housing inspector came by our apartment this morning and wrote a report.

Surprise, surprise, things are starting to happen. The landlord has sent a guy over, I've received a phone call from the landlord's maintenance chief, and even the owner of the building has visited. The owner was appalled. He apologized profusely, got angry with maintenance for not acting sooner, promised immediate repair, and also promised to have people come clean up the mess.

In the meantime, I won't be eating in my kitchen...

Priceless moment of the day: the head of maintenance for our landlord happened to call while the city's building inspector was going through our apartment. I told the maintenance guy that over the phone. He muttered, "oh, for crying out loud."

It was all I could do to keep from unloading on the guy over the phone. For crying out loud? Yes, I would kick and scream as loud as it takes to stop the shit from pouring into my kitchen! Ten days of maintenance requests with no response? Hell yeah, I'm going to higher powers!

I know I am usually cynical about government, but today I feel grateful for it. The city housing inspector showed up literally 30 minutes after we had filed our complaint. And stuff started happening immediately. Thanks, City of Urbana!

TweetyJill said...

oh jeez, stop whining. It is only a small leak!

Or at least that is what one landlord told me when I tried to get out of my lease because my roof had leaked all year and they hadn't bothered to fix it.

Like I told him, if I was living in my father's house and wasn't paying rent, I wouldn't care if the entire house fell down around me. Otherwise...

Yes, threatening to or calling the city/health people always gets things done.