Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Iowa Caucuses

The Iowa Caucuses, the first step in the U.S. Presidential primaries, are now only two days away. The presidential hopefuls from both parties have waged exhausting campaigns (well, all of them except maybe Fred Thompson) for a full year, and we are about to see the first measure of their labor on Thursday.

It's really a bummer that the Daily Show and the Colbert Report are off the air as a result of the writers' strike (although the good news is that they will be back on the air January 7th--the day before the New Hampshire primary). It would be great to have their colorful commentary on the candidates in the last hours before the Iowa Caucuses.

Alas, it is not to be. However, I was able to find Daily Show footage from the night of the 2004 presidential caucuses in Iowa.

Explanation of how the Iowa caucuses work

Hilarious commentary on the 2004 Democratic presidential hopefuls

Meanwhile, Mark Fiore has put together a fun flash cartoon "the Night Before Caucuses" that parodies the 2008 Republican presidential hopefuls

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