Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Guess what we've been shopping for...



Pomoprophet said...

So my bud Ryan and I were talking... what happens with the last name? Do you both keep yours? Have you thought through that?

Ryan said...

Hi Joe Moderate,

Just thought I would introduce myself. I am Pomo's friend Ryan. I have enjoyed your posts though I have not responded as of yet.

D.J. Free! said...

awwww. so CUTE!!

Joe Moderate said...

Hey, Ryan! Glad to meet you. I've followed the link to your blog and have been reading a bit about you this morning. Man, you've been on a long, difficult journey; I have so much respect for what you've gone through. Seems like you've battle your way to your own convictions with a lot of integrity.

At any rate, welcome! Glad to have you around :-)

Pomo: yeah, we have discussed last names. When we first began dating (two full years ago now--can you believe it? I'll have to post a blog entry about that first fateful conversation), we toyed with the idea of merging last names using a hyphen. Some of our professors here do that.

But, after more thought, I think we're both happy with each of us maintaining our original last names. I don't in any way feel that we'd be less of a couple if we didn't change our names. In some sense, since my cultural conditioning is that men don't change their last name in a relationship, choosing to do this underscores our individual masculinity.

I think the trickier questions come when we consider what last name(s) our children will have (that is, if we choose to have kids). At the moment, I'm leaning towards having our kids take C's last name--why? Because they would have a complete extended family with C. My family is a different, painful, disconnected story. Granted, this status may change overtime--I certainly hope it does--and if so, we'll have to rethink kids last names.

TweetyJill said...

What? That's what you were doing? And here I thought it was some kind of field trip where "C" got to show of his knowledge of all things metal. I really should have been taking notes.

Thanks for letting me tag along. I know I was defintely an invaluable help in decision making. Trust me guys, lots of BLING is definitely the way to go. :-)

Pomoprophet said...

ha. So I heard you responded through Ryan who gave me your response before I was able to make it here and read. Dont want to be checking gay blogs at school! :)

Thanks for clarifying. I never thought about kids. I guess cause I don't have to. I don't even know C's last name. Unless you told me somewhere along the way. I don't recall. Hmmm.

Lutherans do alot of the hyphen thing with their last name. I was never in to that. I like my last name :)