Thursday, January 10, 2008

Caption this Image

Hee hee :-) I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the photo that was front and center on the National Public Radio website this afternoon. You could have fooled me if you told me I was looking at The Onion website instead. Here's the image:

My challenge to you: figure out what legitimate news headline could possibly go with this photo! :-) What's so wacky about this is that NPR treated this photo like any other news image; they seem to be totally unaware of the scandalous tabloid headlines that could easily be paired with a shot like this. Scandalous headlines like
Obama throws marriage, presidential hopes to the wind in stunning revelation of 5-year romantic relationship with John Kerry!

Couple embrace and kiss passionately on steps of Massachusetts courthouse moments after emerging with marriage license!

Sez Kerry: "He Baracks my world!"

Local woman: "Eh, whatever. Get a room."
...or something like that ;-)

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